Terence Blacker

I don’t see writing a song or writing a novel as different things. Writing and singing songs is just another way of telling stories, conveying feelings, asking questions, and now and then expressing opinions.  Music has always been an important part of my life. I taught myself the guitar in my teens and I’ve played gigs since I was in my thirties.  For years, I saw it as fun, therapy  – an escape from the serious business of earning a living – but now it’s at the centre of my creative life.


Picture the scene, a village green
As the summer clouds all billow
A spreading oak, some crusty old folk, The crack of a ball on willow
That Olde England was all very well ‘Til I found your distant shore.
And from that day, your foreign ways Have made me love you more.
So when people claim
I’m not quite the same
Since I became European, 

That I’ve started to stray
From the true English way
I find myself agreein’.
This green and pleasant is all very well
But sometimes it seems so grey
And now we’re to part, it’s breaking my heart Here’s what I have to say… 

Adios, auf Wiedersehen, Europa, mein amour.
Maybe you’ll miss me
But I know I’ll miss you more. How I wish we could remain Together down the years But that’s all passed 

So let’s raise a glass
And say skål, saluti, cheers. 

I start the day
With an orange pressé
And a double cappucino
Then soon after one
I smoke a gitane
With a glass or two of vino.
Then I’ll take a rest, a long siesta
And spend afternoon in bed
Then I walk down the street
And kiss the strangers I meet,
Hand in hand with my best friend Fred. 

I listen to Georges Brassens Or maybe Kurt Weill
Or sometimes a light aria. Then some fado 

And ‘Via Con Me’ 

Or ‘Ne me quitte pas’.
John, Paul and George are all very well We love them yeah yeah yeah
But I prefer dansant
To an old-fashioned chanson
By a chansonnier. 

Adios, auf Wiedersehen… etc. 

Dein ewiges Jammern es dauert mich Dein heulendes Wind Gesicht
Aber jetz wo du gehst, gestehe ich
Mir fehlt bereits heute dein nebliges Licht. Frenetico, agitato, non cambian, l’inglese. Un giorno questo, l’altro quello – 

Oh Dio, they’re driving me crazee…. 

I’ll miss your brio and your Sturm und Drang, Your bella dolce vita.
Your che sera, your je ne sais quoi,
They made manana sweeter. 

This stiff upper lip is all very well
But it makes it so hard to smile.
So now that we’re through, it’s a sad toodle-oo From this lonely sceptr’d isle.

Adios, auf Wiedersehen… etc 

© Terence Blacker


Maybe it’s this glass of wine or the time of day
But the ghosts are out tonight 
I see a boy, a ukulele, he’s smiling as he plays
In the fading light.
And as he’s looking down the road
Waiting, out of frame,
In the shadows, through the trees are
The players and the game.

He’s playing an old-time three-chord tune  
‘My Darling Ellie Rhee’
About the fields of yellow corn
Down in Tennessee
And  somewhere way on down that road 
Is the man that he became.
If he knew then what he knows now
Of the players and the game.

And sure enough, his time will come and he’ll play his part
In the thick of it at last.
He’ll cut the deals and get along, he’ll bust heads and hearts
For the game will be hard and fast.
And when you play, you play to win
In that there is no shame
Except for those in the way
Of the players and the game.

So welcome to this ship of fools
Just keep one thing in mind
It’s the oldest of the oldest rule
My babies, please be kind.

He’ll think that it will never end, the way the game is played
It never stopped or slowed
Until one day he’ll find himself, all alone again 
As they dance on down the road.
And so we turn and turn and turn
So different, so the same
If I knew then what I know now
Of the players and the game.  

Carry me back to Tennessee,
That’s where I long to be
Amid the fields of yellow corn
With my darling Ellie Rhee.

© Terence Blacker

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