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As a performer, music journalist and event organiser, I am constantly amazed by the quality of songwriting I come across on a regular basis. This website will feature songwriters of all kinds. No musical genre will be excluded, but a majority of songwriters are likely to be regarded as “acoustic” or “folk” performers in the widest possible sense of these terms. Some will be better known than others.

Initially, the number of songwriters featured will be limited until I’m happy with the format of the website and the profiles, but it is anticipated that this number will grow as time goes by.

Each songwriter’s section will include a brief musical bio and personal thoughts on songwriting. Most importantly, these will be accompanied by examples of their song lyrics – together with audio or video recordings. There will also be links to each songwriter’s website and to other sites where their music can be listened to and downloaded.

In addition to sections devoted to regular or prolific songwriters, there will be a section for interesting songs written by people who would not call themselves songwriters. This section is currently named after the month and year; e.g. Jan. 21.

Nobody pays or is paid to feature on this website and there will no advertising beyond references to songwriters’ websites and download sites. My sole intention is to draw attention to people whose songs I admire.

Simon Haines

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